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Meet April

My Passion for Women's Empowerment and confidence-building inspired the formation of Driven To Inspire U. Through life-changing women's retreats, confidence-building Model Coaching, and speaking engagements, my events helped women connect and meet lifelong friends. I am not a life coach, just a great friend, and a caring citizen. My purpose in life is to help people live better, more fulfilling lives.

Hi Friends,

Thank you so much for visiting my site! My name is April. Simply put, I am a fun, loving girl who has always been passionate about helping people see the best out of life. Until one day, life stopped being so kind to me and kicked me in the butt for a few years, and I had to fall back and restrategize my life. That's a story for another day.

Anyway, you may be familiar with my other brand April Communicates. It's apart of the Driven To Inspire U Brand, but it focuses solely on my trade, Fashion, and Entertainment Public Relations. I am also currently the Social Media Manager for a City. Weird combination, I know. During college, I interned for companies such as Black Entertainment Television, The Style Network, Freelanced for Telepictures, and a company owned by Vanessa Simmons. Also, I held an internship on the NBC Universal production lot for "Broadway Video," a company owned by Lorne Michaels. 

I have experience in front of the camera, too, with two pilots under my belt, one that aired years ago on MTV and one that never got picked up but earned me a job on the set of "Extra" and a stellar recommendation from Warner Bros / Telepictures. My degree, however, is what earned me the job working for the City. I studied under the Pre-Law Program and earned a Master's degree in Political Science and a minor in Africana Studies as an undergrad student. I planned to become an Entertainment Attorney and work for BET. That is how I landed an L1 internship as an undergrad for BET Legal. 

What is most important is that I am a firm believer that all experiences in our life work together for a reason, whether you need to pull from the strength and knowledge obtained immediately or later - for yourself or someone else. What legacy will you leave on the earth after your life has passed? Let's create change and happiness together. 

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Jordan Williams

Keefe Cravat

April Dion is an excellent model coach. I hired her to coach a group of male models for Kansas City Fashion Week and it was a great investment. She taught my models the importance of runway etiquette and she also taught them how to use confidence. To say the least, I was very pleased with her professionalism and sense of knowledge. Thank you for preparing Keefe Cravat for the runway! Your simply amazing!


Phil Keophaphone 

Creator : HK|StyleGroup

It was truly an honor working with April Dion in the creation of the 1st Annual "L.I.V.-Life In Victory" event. Her professionalism is astonishing! And the pure passion towards helping others achieve greatness is shown through all of her works. She went beyond duties asked, extending her expertise in a wide array of talents that helped pull this show together! That shows true character. Someone who is: Dependable, Diligent, and Determined ! And those are just a few words that best describe this beautiful soul. April is a committed professional! And having her experience on any project is ensuring a finished, polished product. She's the REAL DEAL! And an even better woman to know! Thank you for everything! 


Ashley Myriee

MUA | Model | Founder of Ashanology

 I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to my modeling coach April Dion. I am extremely thankful to have her as my modeling coach. She motivates, encourages, and always gives me the best guidance. I have been working with April Dion for over a year now and she has helped me enter fashion shows, photoshoots, and everything else model related. If you guys or ladies need a modeling coach, contact April Dion!! She will help you though your modeling journey as long as you are willing

to pursue it. 


for Occasional Tips & Inspiration

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