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Social Media Gadgets -- Pivo Red

As a Publicist and Social Media Manager, I often find myself learning more about ways to make my processes easier and my content more creative. As such, when Black Friday approached, I had my eyes on the #PIVO. First, I had to decide if I wanted the PIVO Red or the PIVO Silver. What is the difference? I researched and found the Silver was more than I needed; # HorsebackRiders typically use it. I planned to use this for my clients' photo/video-shoot to obtain #BTS photos. However, we ended up hiring an awesome behind the scenes photographer who was amazing! His name is Mike Strong, and you will see a few of his photos in the video. I ended up filming that segment in pieces because I was requested to host a Social Media Takeover for a local company called CottonTale KC. Below, you will see part I (The UnBoxing) and part II to show you the PIVO in action at the photo/video-shoot. I also pulled it out on Christmas to practice with it before taking it on set.

I haven't returned the PIVO, and it suits my needs well. However, it does have some issues tracking at times. You have to use the PIVO with the app, but the app is fun! I could see this device useful for #TIKTOK #Instagram Reels, and more.

Initially, I was not in the Amazon Affiliate program when I filmed the first video, now I am. Some of the links below allow me to receive a small commission.

Part I

Mentioned in this video:

I use the Joby GorillaPod. 3K Kit for my Camera, but in the video, I attempted to attach the Pivo to the Joby GorillaPod, and it works, but I have a better and taller tripod that I prefer. I got it so long ago I don't quite remember where I purchased it from. The Joby GorillaPod is often raved about. Click the image to check out the reviews to the Joby on Amazon, or follow this link to check out the product,

Click the image to check out the reviews to the PIVO Red on Amazon, or follow this link to check out the product, (I got mine off of Amazon, at the time it was a better deal.)

Compare Prices, Pivo Official Site -

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