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Updated: May 9, 2021

On Thursday, March 25, at 6:30 PM CST, I will be going live with a pre-recorded session. It'll be added to this page tomorrow. Please download the worksheet if you'd like to follow along. The topic is How and Why I Denounced from a Greek Sorority, specifically Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. You can check out Part I on my YouTube page or view it in this post below. Please sign up to my email list, like my Youtube page, and turn on your notifications. If you would like to engage in the conversation and you would like for your comments to show on the platform, you will have to comment on Public pages such as the Driven To Inspire U Youtube or Facebook page. The platform streams from places Facebook and Youtube comments together and displays them on the page.

Sneak peek at the Worksheet.

God has granted humans free will, and Christians have liberties – Always remember, it may not be a sin, but the action or process could lead to sinning.

Sometimes many can suffer even when God is just trying to reach one person. In my case, my disobedience led to me building a relationship with "friends" that were temporary. The fault was 50/50. I allowed myself to go through with pledging and join an organization, even though I knew God was sending me signs. Sometimes the enemy will send signs too. His signs are meant to confuse you, especially if you have a strong calling on your life.

When you see your Christian friend slipping: Bring it to your Christian Friend's Attention with scripture. Pray for them if they aren't moved. Let God & the Holy Spirit work. God is more than enough. Be careful not to judge. Had I not gone through this, would I have this testimony to warn others to take heed.

The Takeaways

As Christians, we all have the holy spirit who dwells in us. Are you listening to the spirit? You can become confused hearing what you want to hear. Doing what you want to do or not feeding the spirit. By the way, are you feeding your spirit with the word of God, or are you grieving the spirit with a dishonorable lifestyle? Daily do you put your armor on?

Ask yourself this, can you pledge your life to God and to an organization – one that you may not know everything about if you are only just interested? How would that look? How does that look in your daily life?

Merriam Webster: Fraternity - the quality or state of being brothers. What this means to me is true Fraternity is found in Christ.

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