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Small Office Organization: Review and Set Up of the Russell+Hazel Acrylic Rail

Updated: Jan 24, 2021


2020 was the year that a lot of us office workers transitioned to working from home. For me, it was completely unexpected, however necessary. I found myself working wherever I could find a quiet space, misplacing things, and searching for a space to call my own. For the first two weeks, I used a TV table. That was rough. I had my office assigned laptop. I was used to using two desktops and docking my laptop. Nevertheless, Life was changing swiftly, and I needed organization.

I originally had a spare bedroom we used for my studio, but then came baby, so we made it her room. Yet, our little one rarely spent the night in there. We'd put her to sleep in the room, but she'd wake up in the middle of the night and find mommy and daddy. It was no problem because we all enjoyed waking up to each other. There nothing like seeing the sunlight up your loved one's face in the morning and hearing, "Mommy, I love you!" Half of the room is still her room, but there's a little space in there for me to use as my office.

So, I made a plan for my home office. Acrylic seemed to be an excellent theme since my office space would be small. I wanted to open the space up and keep it light and airy. I visited Etsy, and I opted for an acrylic calendar, which is super expensive right now on most sites. I will review that one later.

This review and set up video is strictly about the Russell+Hazel Acrylic, Clear with Gold-Toned Hardware, 24" x 4" x 25." I loved the design, it’s functionality, and it keeps the items I need organized and accessible. This has inspired me to make my own personalized acrylic items in the future, but for now. This works great and looks nice. The rail had accessories you could buy separately to help you organize your space better. I'll include links to the accessories below. The Instructions were lacking, and there weren't any videos showing you how to install the product, so I created one for you. Click here to check out the rail on Amazon!

About the Accessories:

I purchased the wall valet, I found the hook to be pointless. I keep my Journals, important folders, and other pretty items in the valet. My office wall is my background for my YouTube videos, which needed to look cohesive and well thought out.

I also purchased the Wall Pencil Bloc. It made the rail look more complete, and I loved how

cool it looked when I filled it with pretty pens and pencils. When I need a pen or pencil, it's right there for me. Check out my installation in the video below. I decided not to speed up the process or over-edit because I wanted you to see my mistakes. I made this video to help you avoid doing some of the same things. I paid for these items myself.

You can watch the video here, but please head over to my YouTube page and like, subscribe, and turn on your notifications to stay up-to-date on new posts and videos. Also, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post. I hope you find more and more value as I release more content. I value you your time and support. Before you exit, please sign up for my email list to stay connected. Feel free to share if you are inspired!

Also in my office:

Although I can store pens in the Russell+Hazel tray, I usually only put the decorative pens there. This acrylic Pencil and Pen Holder with a Gold accent is on my filled desk with my business promotional pens.

These are a few of the decorative pens I include in the Ruzzel+Hazel pencil tray. They provide a great sparkle when the sunlight hits them in the morning.

My iPad, iPhone, and Mac all connects to the same blue tooth mouse, . It was affordable, so far I love it!

I love this calculator, it is function and matches my white, gold, and acrylic theme.I truly appreciate your taking the time to read my post! Click the image or the link to read the reviews,

There's so much more to my tiny office space, but I will save that for an office tour. Thank you so much for supporting my site! Please be sure to head over to my Youtube page to engage with the videos. It's nice to watch them on here, even better when you provide e with feel back.

For business inquires ONLY, please email

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