Learn Tips on How To Control Your Anxiety Pandemic -- Thanksgiving Holiday Edition

Have you recently had a friend "Ghost" you? It could be for the sake of their self-care. Could it be, possibly, that you are a negative friend? Self-awareness is essential, but I won't leave you here with these questions. Let's talk about it.

2020 has brought about unexpected changes to every aspect of our lives. Today is #ThoughtfulThursday, but it's also Thanksgiving. Thinking back to last year, my family and I made rounds to see our family members, surrounded by love, grateful for each person in the circle. This year, our family has shrunk a bit. Still, there's much to be thankful for in life.

In this video, I briefly introduce myself and my brand. Then further go on to address how to be grateful in the darkest moments of your life.

Topics discussed:

  • The power of your mindset.

  • How to not to overload your friends with negative energy.

  • Monitoring your thoughts and decreasing your level of complaints.

  • How to Stop the cycle of anxiety.

  • How to deal with negative people.

  • How to deal with negative thoughts.

  • How to be Thankful this year.

Let's find happiness in these dark times.

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